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7 App Marketing Burst Campaign Services Compared

One of the toughest challenges app developers face is figuring out how to push their app to the top of the app charts, and more importantly stay there. But there’s a secret weapon all top app developers know about called burst campaigns. Just about every major app development studio has used a burst campaign service at some point to increase their app’s ranking.

These services promote your app through their user base, mostly through targeted push notifications. The cost of these services varies from one to the other, but they almost all use one of the following 3 types of business models: cost per click, cost per install or fixed fee per campaign, or a combination of all three.

It has been suggested that 70%+ of users do not look passed the top charts when searching for new apps. For this reason alone, hitting the top of the charts is critical, and can make or break an app’s success.

The important questions you should ask bust campaign service providers prior to launching a campaign are…

  • How big is their install base?
  • How many push enabled devices can they reach?
  • What countries can they reach?
  • What app category are they most effective for?
  • Do you have to install an SDK?
  • How quickly can they run the campaign?
  • Cost?

Below are 7 of the best app marketing burst campaign services. Get to know these solutions and judge which one works best for your app and target audience.

Editors Note: Alexander Tsepko made a good point over on LinkedIn that should be mentioned – “It would be great to mention, that most of those networks would do good for free apps (event though climbing to the tops through them with the free app would be a bit expensive). As for the paid, most will not bring the traffic to get to the TOP 100 overall (USA). But can help if you are targeting TOP 25-50 in the category.”


Chartboost is a platform for internal cross-promotion, direct cross-promotion with other apps, or promoting across a wide network. If you are already in the charts, you can also use Chartboost to monetize your success by promoting other apps. Through our free proprietary technology, you can repeat your success on your next app launch


One of the biggest and most established ad networks, TapJoy offers the industry’s largest Pay-Per-Install ad network for mobile apps. Set your bid price and promote your app through TapJoy’s network of publishers. TapJoy boasts 77 million monthly active users and allows you to pay on a cost per install basis.


MagicSolver’s reach consists of 2 million free App Magic users, which for the most part are European based. Their service pushes out roughly 1 million push notifications daily.


AppTurbo has launched a series of “free app of the day” type apps, localized for European countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Spain and more…

App developers looking to give their apps a healthy push throughout the European App Stores might want to take this service into consideration.  Their current reach is roughly 2 million users in total across Europe, with about half being push enabled apps.

FreeAppaDay (FAAD)

With an install base of over 8 million users, FAAD is a dominating force in the app discovery world, making it one of the biggest “go-to” services when it comes to burst campaigns. In terms of pricing, running a FAAD campaign can cost roughly $5500, however their prices have been known to be flexible.


Burstly works on a “storefront” system where publishers promote developer’s app based within their apps in virtual storefronts. Each publisher will be selling on either a CPC or CPM basis. However some will do both.


Appsfire recommends quality apps to its active, opt-in user base right on their mobile device, allowing high conversion to download ratios. The AppsFire team uses push notifications and sponsoring mechanisms. Their propertary targeting and delivery solution allow us them to boost the presence of an app in the app stores in a very short period of time.


LeadBolt’s push notification campaigns can run both for Android and iOS based devices, allowing advertisers to created highly targeted ads. Target audiences can be targeted by location, mobile carriers, and other parameters.

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